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Antijantepodden is a podcast produced by Frode Klevstul, author of the book “Bill Goats and the Forest”, and Miriam Ekelund. Miriam is the author of the book “Du skal lide for fellesskapet”, and the podcast was started to continue to shine a light on the themes covered in the book.

A large international study from 2011 shows that Norway is the world’s 6th most conform country in the world. This means that Norwegians are very identical to each other and that the “normal range” of behaviour is narrow. Although we have formal freedom of expression, the report “Status for freedom of expression in Norway” from 2014 shows that 9 out of 10 Norwegians do not dare to express what they mean on social media or on an open website. We have a “Law of Jante culture” where the group is right, and you, as an individual, must remain silent if you do not agree with what has been read out and agreed upon. In this podcast, Miriam Ekelund talks to people who for various reasons fall outside the accepted “behaviour window” in Norway, and who have had to endure both incitement and bullying because they are different. We also interview foreign private individuals and professionals who can shed light on the same phenomena that we are exposed to in Norway.

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An overview of interviews we have done in English.